Complexity precedes uncertainty

You may have experienced first-hand the complexity of the income tax system and the uncertainty it can place in your decision making. This is not unusual among tax systems across the globe. The main source of government income arises from corporate tax receipts and there are reams of legislation enacted to protect that revenue stream.

We can help you work within the tax world and provide certainty with your decision making.  Our staff are experienced in analysing and interpreting tax legislation and more importantly identifying where issues interact and the possibilities that can result from your business transactions.

Lucentor knows that the number one priority for large business is getting on with business. However, during the financial year corporate taxpayers should consider these issues.

Taxpayers with tax losses should be aware of the rules governing loss utilisation. The losses tests must be passed to continue to carry forward and claim tax losses. Certain ventures or structural changes can jeopardise this.

Purchasing a new subsidiary can affect you as a taxpayer, be you a tax consolidated group or not. These events can also trigger the question: should the group structure be changed? Is there a more tax beneficial outcome?

Some rules can limit the debt you can tax effectively use in your business and how you treat financial arrangements. These need to be analysed and taken caer of.

Let us deal with the complexity to provide you with certainty. We can explain how these issues affect you and more importantly help you plan your next move knowing the tax result in advance. Lucentor is your taxation manager.

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