Tax for Property Investor

Sometimes the tax consequences of what we have invested in can be complex.

That’s where we can help!

We are experts in dealing with the specialised taxation issues involved in property investing and have helped many property investors. We provide you with the complete package:

  • Advice and education to you as an investor on the best strategies to manage your tax;
  • Taking care of the hassles by preparing your tax returns and other submissions with minimal fuss; and
  • A helpful and professional approach to service, putting you first and always accessible.

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Property Investor Tax Issues

Purchasing and disposing of investment property comes with a myriad of possible taxation issues. Have you thought about :

  • building allowance deductions
    • many investors can claim additional non-cash depreciation deductions on the cost of their building
    • this can be significant
    • it can also have tax benefits in the long run as well
  • keeping cost base records for all your real estate
    • the cost base is not just the purchase price
    • many other items can be added to it
    • the bigger your cost base, the lower your eventual capital gain and capital gains tax
  • making modifications to your cost base
    • many events alter your cost base
    • when the ATO reviews capital gains calculations, they expect you to know how to apply these
  • the effects of gearing
    • do you understand how negative gearing affects your cash flow?
    • you pre-claim your tax benefit during the year
  • capital losses
    • the difference between capital and income losses
    • effective tax planning to avoid wasting capital losses
  • GST
    • depending on what you intend to do with your property, GST can apply
    • the end result of applying GST can be difficult to figure out

There are many others specific issues that can arise without notice and without prior planning you can find yourself with either a nasty tax bill or a nasty tax problem. Buying and running an investment property is definitely something you should get professional tax advice in – specific to your situation.

Taking care of your property taxation issues

We are experts in preparing your tax returns correctly, maintaining accurate records of your investments and, most importantly, advising on the income tax and capital gains tax consequences of what you do with your investments.  We are there to help you make the most tax positive choice.

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