Non-resident Investor and Worker Tax

Non-residents taxpayers and expats who earn income in Australia are generally required to prepare annual tax returns like the rest of us. However, the normal tax rules we know of are modified in many situations.

Foreign Investor

If you have assets in Australia, like real estate, bank deposits, superannuation, shares and other investments, ask yourself this:

  • do you know the capital gains tax issues involved as a non-resident?
  • will you have to pay tax here and in your home country?
  • is there a way to defer tax?
  • will you plan to return to Australia and how will this change your tax profile?

Non-resident worker

If you have spent some time working or employed is Australia then consider:

  • where is your superannuation?
  • are you really a non-resident?
  • have you over declared your income?
  • is there anything your have been missing out on?

We can help

Lucentor has experience dealing with many investors ands expatriates who have moved overseas and kept their Australian investments or invested directly from overseas. Also those non-residents who have worked here on a temporary basis. Contact us to talk about your specific tax issues.