Personal Tax

Just doing your yearly taxes can be a bit of a minefield. Add to that changes in your life, family and constant changes in the tax law and you can see that it can sometimes be a bit too much.

Lucentor can help. We  enjoy making tax time simpler and clearer for you. Time is taken to sit down with you and understand your tax situation, where you fit, how your family fits and we then advise on the most efficient tax outcome for all of you.

Our Tax Philosophy for You Now

We all have to pay tax, but we don’t have to pay more than we are meant to. To this end we look at all the deductions, offsets, credits you are entitled to claim and make sure nothing is left to chance.  We aim to help you understand how the tax laws affect you so you know your position and are confident in the result.

Tax Planning to Help Your Future

Our background means we are very experienced in all aspects of individual tax matters. Not only can we take care of your tax obligations today, we can help you plan for the future. Starting a family, buying a property, moving overseas, investing in superannuation, retirement. These are common enough aspects of everyday life for many people, but few understand the impact these changes can have to your tax profile. We look forward – to where you will be in 5, 10 or 20 years time and plan the right steps to fit your future plans. Before you contemplate something new, consult us to be your tax planning partner and get advice before things happen, rather than after. Naturally, our service ethic means we aim to be proactive at all times so don’t be surprised if we suggest something first.

Need Help with your Tax Situation?

If you would like to discuss your situation please contact us, or to just learn more, please feel free to peruse our latest personal tax commentary and services below

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