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Corporate Tax

The world of corporate taxation is one of the most complex areas of tax to deal with.

The legislation applying to larger trading entities is voluminous in nature and owing to its complexity can be difficult to interpret, let alone understand.

For you or your CFO, the tax issues involved can be seemingly never-ending and all of them urgent, with one wrong decision having a significant impact on earnings.

At Lucentor we believe that the world of corporate tax can only be successfully navigated through solid tax compliance work, proper tax planning and communication. Your tax adviser and CFO and management have to work together, within an integrated team, to pull through the financials and tax returns, corporate tax issue reports and planning papers in a timely and efficient manner.

Lucentor can make this happen. We assist with all compliance aspects, being the accurate preparation of annual income tax returns, as well as other compulsory obligations. In addition, we can advise of taxation issues that affect a corporate enterprise, such as issues relating to entity taxation, mergers, carried forward tax losses, tax consolidation for example. Lucentor is your taxation manager – your essential “missing link” between the management, finance and tax functions, liaising between these stakeholders to be in front of all your tax duties. Be ahead of the game by tackling potential tax issues head on, investigating future tax opportunities earlier and having someone to help you understand it all.

Our firm’s staff have many years experience assisting large private companies and small-cap listed companies with all their taxation duties and issues. They have expressed gratitude for the assistance and attest to our endeavours to make the complex seem simple while always paying attention to detail.

If you would like to discuss your corporate tax function please contact us, or to just learn more, please feel free to peruse our latest corporate tax commentary pages and services pages below.

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