Self-managed superannuation fund Accounting and Auditing Services

Superannuation in general is one of the most tax effective long-term saving vehicles available, with some other benefits and drawbacks to consider. However it can get complicated and that’s where we can help. We are experts in administering, auditing and advising on self managed super so contact us today to discuss your situation.

SMSF Administration

We can prepare the annual reports and tax return for your fund, as well as all required minutes and resolutions to keep your fund compliant with the law. Trustess will be receive complete reports for the year and a summary of any issues or planning points we have identified.

SMSF Auditing

We can audit your SMSF at a competitive price. Our Staff are fully qualified in SMSF audit principles and offer fast turnaround for our services. Acountants with their own SMSF clients also rely on us as an independents party to audit their client’s accounts professionally.

SMSF Advice

The rules regarding SMSFs are constantly changing. We can advise on the how the current laws affect you and your plans for the future/ This is important when considering large investment decisions or changes in your life, such as upcoming retirement.

The Fact about Superannuation

  • A super fund pays a low rate of tax
  • Generally, the capital cannot be accessed until retirement
  • There is a larger compliance burden faced by administrator of super funds

Issues with Superannuation

  • In return for the beneficial concessions available, the government places strict rules on superannuation
  • Generally, the capital cannot be accessed until retirement
  • There is a large compliance burden faced by administrators of super funds

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Most us have recognised the beneficial aspects of superannuation, but typically people have only ever relied on the big retail and industry super funds to manage their money for them. However now, in these days of the do-it-yourself investor, many people are talking about self-managed superannuation as an alternative to your standard super fund. it is just like having an ordinary super fund except that:

  • You manage the investment of your retirement savings, possibly with the help of a financial planner
  • You are responsible for the administration, with the help of your accountant. must ensure you maintain records, prepare and tax returns
  • Because you manage the fund, you tend to develop a greater appreciation of your retirement goals, plans and investment generally

Some of our clients run their own fund, with us as accountant preparing the paperwork and they, with their adviser, deciding on appropriate investment. Many feel they enjoy the freedom and sense of control over their destiny. Those with an interest in investment also enjoy making their hard earned dollars work hard for them and their retirement plans.

Interested in Self Managed Super?

The features, benefits and drawbacks of setting up a SMSF mean you should also seek financial advice before setting one up. But once you start, its hard to turn back. Contact us to talk about self-managed super and how it could fit in with your tax plans.