Tax for Share and Sharemarket Investors

We are experts in dealing with the specialised taxation issues involved in shares and sharemarket investing. We provide you with the complete package:

  • Advice and education to you as an investor on the best strategies to manage your tax;
  • Taking care of the hassles by preparing your tax returns and other submissions with minimal fuss; and
  • A helpful and professional approach to service, putting you first and always accessible.

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Share Investor Tax Issues

Buying and selling shares, securities and other listed investments can be a complex affair. When was the last time you considered the taxation rules relating:

  • all your share purchases, dates and costs,
  • the end tax costs of selling certain shares,
  • tax deferred distributions,
  • the effect of bonuses, demergers, and scrip-for-scrip,
  • discounts you are entitled to, or
  • whether you are an investor or in business?

Taking care of your share taxation issues

We are experts in preparing your tax returns correctly, maintaining accurate records of your investments and, most importantly, advising on the income tax and capital gains tax consequences of what you do with your investments.  We are there to help you make the most tax positive choice.

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